Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meeting MC JIN!

The other week, my girlfriend Natalie and I were able to go and meet MC JIN in Vancouver. He was here over the weekend to do a couple concerts. I was first contacted by Jin's agent, Carl, to do a YouTube collab together and I gladly accepted. I love Jin's music and the recent movie "Bruce Lee: My Brother" that he was in.

Turns out MC JIN is a pretty cool guy. He recognized me right away and said he was a fan of my videos. Jin also gave me a bit of a hard time for not reviewing any of his music videos, but he was just bugging. He is very down to earth and we a had a lot of fun together. We filmed a few shots, took some pictures, and I used them to compile my next video.

Coming out of that experience I was happy and glad to make another friend. I would gladly collab with him again.