Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meeting G.E.M. in Hong Kong!

Going all the way back to when I first started doing YouTube videos with Cantonese, I tried to put out a bunch of movies and see what would stick with the HK audience on YouTube. Having heard a few G.E.M. songs from friends here in BC that are from HK, I decided to review one of her music videos "Good to Be Bad" since it was pretty new and popular at the time. That MV review I made, is what helped my YouTube career to take off and the video now has 300k+ views.

Not long after my "Princess Sickness" video, I was contacted by G.E.M.'s marketing team in HK. They loved the video, told me that G.E.M. thought it was hilarious, and they wanted to colab with me on some projects. I was more than excited to do it, and of course I said yes!

That lead to some of these videos, and the one I'm most excited about is a preview of the video G.E.M. and I shot together while I was in HK. I went to Hummingbird Music's office and we arranged to meet G.E.M. there. We went to an off site location to film some green screen shots. Hanging out with G.E.M. was fun because she is a lot younger than me and I can see her as sort of my little sister. We laughed, took pictures, and filmed some funny stuff. She even made fun of my Cantonese accent. What a great experience it was to meet a real HK celebrity!

Now, stay tuned for Part 2!